It is the capital of Northwest Territories and is located on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It has a population of more than 20,000 and was originally known for producing gold mines and diamond mines. After discovering several gold mines in 1934, it had the title of "Golden City"; and because local aborigines often wore yellow copper knives to guard gold mines, they were named "Yellow Town."

The location of Yellowknife Town is just below the Aurora oval. Together with the terrain and climate, the Northern Lights can be seen in the northwest for 240 nights a year. It is located in the Great Slave Lake, the tenth largest lake in the world, and has the title of "Northern Light Capital".
There are two auroral seasons in the Northwest: in the fall, the aurora reflections on the unfrozen lakes are breathtaking; in the winter, because of the long nights, there is more time to enjoy the aurora. No matter which Aurora season you visit, it has its own beauty.
The autumn aurora period is from mid-August to early October; the winter aurora period is from early December to early April.

Aurora Village

A half-hour drive from downtown Huangdao Town, the main feature is a dozen traditional aboriginal tents (Teepee tents). While waiting for the aurora, you can go in the tent to warm up, there are stoves and free hot coffee, hot chocolate and all kinds of tea bags.

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Aurora Safari

In Huangdao Town, you can choose more than 3 ways to watch Aurora, Aurora Hunting, Aurora Chalet, Aurora Village and so on. For the aurora pursuit, we will drive the passengers to the sights of several places.

Great Slave Lake

Located in the northwest of Canada, it is the second largest lake in Canada, second only to Big Bear Lake, and Yellowknife Town is located on the shore of the Great Slave Lake. The Great Slave Lake is a glacial melting lake and a completely pollution-free freshwater lake. In the summer, the Great Slave Lake is a world famous fishing spot.
In the winter, the entire lake will be covered with thick ice, which can be used on different ice activities. The local residents will also fish on the ice (Ice Fish Net).


The town can be divided into the old town, the new town and other areas. The new city is mainly a large restaurant, commemorative store or restaurant, which is now the urban area of Huangdao Town. The Old Town is dominated by B&B hotels or some Aboriginal art. Franklin Ave. is the most important street in Huangdao Town, across the entire city. To the east of Franklin Avee. is the Literary Center and Diamond Center, to the west is the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center (Museum), City Council and Visitor Center.
Some of the local large restaurants, small supermarkets or souvenir shops are located on or around Franklin Ave.

Recommended places to visit in the city:

  • Yellowknife Town Hall & New Tourist Service Center: You can purchase the "Certificate of Visiting 60 Degrees North" at the counter of the Tourism Service Center.
  • Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre: It is the Huangdao Town History Museum. It was named after the Prince of Wales in his name because of the opening ceremony of the then Prince of Wales, Charles, in 1975.
  • Pilot's Monument (Bush Pilot’s Monument)It is the commanding height of Huangdao Town. Therefore, this monument is not only to commemorate the pilots who fled when flying over the northern part of the country, but also to overlook the Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife Bay, and the Old Town. ) and a great location in areas such as the surrounding islands.

Winter activities in Huangdao Town

Winter activities: dog sledding, snowmobiles, big slave lakes, hiking, and traditional ice fishing.