Booking your Tour

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Q: How do I make a reservation?

answer: Please click "Book Now". This will take you to the Reservations page. After filling out the necessary information, you’ll receive an email confirmation letter.

Q: What if I can’t find a tour to fit my travel dates or don’t meet the minimum guest number for a particular tour?

answer: No worries. Contact us by phone or email and we’ll do our best to get you on a tour that fits your travel dates or put you on a tour with other guests.

Q : How do I know when and where to meet the guide?

answer: You’ll be contacted by customer service before the tour begins with time, exact place, and full contact information for your driver and guide.

Q : What payment methods can I use to pay for my tour?

answer: You will receive an email for how to pay your tour.

Q : Why do I need to provide my passport information when booking a tour?

answer: When you need to book your flight, hotel and insurance, you will need to provide your passport information.

Taking Your CanadaTour

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Q : What is the working hour of the tour guide?

answer: The maximum working hour of our tour guide is 8-10 hours per day. The tour will finish before 20:00 PM so that all travelers can enjoy safe trip for the following days. (Settled schedule which is arranged by the tour consultants is not restricted to this rule.) Tour guides have the right to refuse any urgent request when they are not on duty.

Q : What does the price of my trip include?

answer: The tour fee will vary depending on the package itinerary and will be detailed on the itinerary page.
Please check the details section of each itinerary for full details. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Q : What if I do not fully agree with the itinerary planned?


■ Group tours (or package tours for independent travel ):

Package tour’s itinerary are fixed. If you would like to design your own trip, you can choose the customized tours and your tour consultant will create an itinerary based on your preference.

■ Customized Tours:

Customized tours guarantees full flexibility, so if you do not like the itinerary, you are more than welcome to discuss with your tour consultant to revise your travel plan. Please note, once you pay the deposit to confirm the tour, that means you have fully agree the itinerary.

Cancellation policy

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Q : What happens if a tour is cancelled due to guest minimum not being met?

answer: Since our tour groups are kept pretty small (2-12 guests) this rarely happens, but if it does we’ll contact you between 48-24 hours prior to the tour’s start time and offer to put you on an alternative tour of similar duration, itinerary and price. If you chose not to take it, you’ll be given a full refund.

Q : What if I in initiate cancellation?


Cancellation policy differs from tour to tour, and some penalties may apply. In general, the closer you get to the tour date before cancelling, the higher the penalty. Please check the ”cancellation policy“ of each tour for specific details.

If customers voluntarily cancel the trip,please refer to the Cancellation policy.
Less than 1 day prior to trip date – no refund.
Refunds will be at the discretion of “Canada-tours Website” if you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any reason.

"Our Website" reserves the right to cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, prior to departure due to reasons outside its control (i.e. natural disasters or political instability). In such a case, "Our Website" will charge paper working fee and refund the rest of the amount, depending on different situations.
No refund will be made if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun.

Q : What if a tour is affected by incliment weather, natural disaster, or force majeure?

answer: Depending on the nature of the weather and the tour itself, the tour will either be rerouted, rescheduled or cancelled. In the event of cancellation due to force majeure (typhoon, for example), guests will be refunded the tour price. In certain cases handling fees (never more than 5%) may still be incurred due to hotel booking and transportation costs.

Other Asked Questions

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Q : Can we extend our tour?

answer: Of course you can, and please let us know in advance. Kindly note there will be extra fee resulted when you extend your tour.