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Canada is located in northern North America. It faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Alaska to the northwest, and the Davis Strait to the northeast and Greenland (Dan). It borders the United States in the south and the Arctic Circle in the north. The coastline is about 240,000 kilometers long. The tourism industry here is developed. Canada ranks ninth among the countries with the highest tourism revenue in the world. It is also one of the countries with the world's best residential city selection and the most domestic cities. There are 18 United Nations World Heritage Sites (UNESCO) in Canada, 10 in the east coast of Canada, and 8 in BC, Alberta and Northwest Territories in Canada.Wikipedia - World Heritage of Canada. For more information about going to Canada, please seeIntroduction to Tourism Canada ~ Go to Canada

Rocky Mountain National Park Group

Rocky Mountains

Canada has established 39 national parks and 8 national park reserves, distributed in10 provinces and 3 regionsThe most recommended is the National Park Group of the Rocky Mountains.

East Coast of Canada

Chasing the maple chase tour

Katong-Chasing Maple Chasing Tour: Fenghong Avenue, Maple Red City, Prince Edward Island's Qingxiu Beauty Tour, Quebec (Korean Ghost Shooting Location)

Yellowknife Aoura

Yellowknife Aoura

Located in the Aurora Strip, the town of Yellowknife, Canada, close to the Arctic Circle (about 62 degrees north latitude), as long as the weather is clear on the night can easily see the aurora, is the first choice for watching the Northern Lights.

Churchill Town - Polar Bear

Polar Bear Visit - Churchill Town

Churchill is located in the northernmost part of Canada. Because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle, many polar bears gather here from October to November every year.

Canadian Visa ETA

Electronic travel permit(eTA) provides an official permit to enter Canada to allow for short-term stays in Canada for sightseeing or business activities. All non-Canadian citizens must obtain a visa or eTA before entering Canada.
Tourist VISA-Apply online for Canada eTA

Weather in Canada

 Canadian citiesTemperature query
Canada's official weather forecast APP:WeatherCAN

Canadian exchange rate

The currency of Canada, the official currency is the Canadian dollar, or Canadian dollar or Canadian dollar, currency code: CAD, usually referred to as $, C$, Can$ or Canadian dollar.
Online Canadian Dollar (CAD) & New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)Currency exchange rate conversion calculation

Local specialty

Canadian specialties: Maple Syrup, Canadian Icewine & #8230; etc., for a handful of gifts/souvenirs/food to Canada, please see ourTravel Blog - Introduction to Canadian Specialties.

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Popular places in Canada

The most popular Canadian tourist route

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